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Salem County Court Records

Salem County court records refer to documents and digital archives created or filed at courts to facilitate cases and processes. Such records provide more details on cases, including judgments, minutes, motions, filing dates, particulars of the presiding judge or attorneys on record, and case numbers. Each court in the county has a records keeper, the court clerk, who compiles and maintains the court records. The records custodian also receives and processes court record requests from the public. Anyone can also approach the court clerk during work hours on work days for a records search or request.

Are Court Records Public in Salem County?

Salem County court records are public records by the Open Public Records Act (OPRA) operating in New Jersey. This law allows members of the public in Salem County to access and make copies of court records. Courthouses in Salem County can generally be visited during workdays and work hours for a record search or to submit a request to the court clerk. Requesters must ensure that the requested records are public and not affected by redaction laws. Valid ID may be required when processing a records request, and the required fees must be paid.

Note: Written requests should be submitted in the prescribed form for state records or county-based searches.

Salem County Court Records Search

Salem County Court records are available at the courthouses and in online archives. Record seekers can go to any relevant courthouse in the county to make a records request or search through the court clerk. A physical record search will be available at the courthouse on weekdays and within working hours. Requesters in a more remote location can use the Judiciary Electronic Document system, which offers online record archives and a medium for requesting information. The Records Request Form is a prescribed form record seekers can use to submit a record request to be mailed to the court clerk.

Salem County Court Records Search by Name

A name search is an effective record search parameter due to its versatility. Requesters can search records using name search by searching for names of the parties to a case, attorneys on record, the presiding judge, the arresting officer, and locations peculiar to the case of interest. New Jersey’s Find a Case website allows record seekers to conduct searches using a name search as the paramount mode.

Salem County Courts

The courts in Salem County include Superior, Surrogate, and Municipal Courts. These court divisions are informed and set up through New Jersey’s court hierarchy. Here are details on Salem County courts:

Superior Courts in Salem County
Salem County Superior Court
Salem County Courthouse
92 Market Street, Salem, NJ 08079
Phone - (856) 878-5050


Salem County’s Surrogate Courts
Salem County Surrogate’s Court
Pittsgrove Township Municipal Building
989 Centerton Road, Pittsgrove, NJ 08318
Phone - (856) 935-7510 ext. 8323


Salem County Surrogate’s Court
94 Market Street, Salem, NJ 08079
Phone - (856) 935-7510 ext. 8323


Salem County’s Municipal Courts
Carneys Point Municipal Court
303 Harding Highway, Carneys Point, NJ 08069
Phone - (856) 299-1013
Fax - (856) 299-8926


Cumberland Salem Regional Municipal Court
1325 Highway 77, Bridgeton, NY 080302
Phone - (856) 455-8722
Fax - (856) 451-6489


Lower Alloways Creek and Elsinboro Municipal Court
501 Locust Island Road, P.O. Box 157, Hancocks Bridge, NJ 08038
Phone: (856) 935-1957
Fax - (856) 935-5638


Mid-Salem County Municipal Court
25 West Avenue, P.O. Box 286, Woodstown, NJ 08098
Phone - (856) 769-2424
Fax - (856) 769-3307


Penns Grove Municipal Court
1 State Street, Penns Grove, NJ 08069
Phone - (856) 299-0098
Fax - (856) 299-0975


Pennsville Township Municipal Court
90 North Broadway, Pennsville, NJ 08070
Phone - (856) 678-3089 ext. 154
Fax - (856) 678-2077


Pilesgrove Joint Municipal Court
1180 Route 40 East, Pilesgrove, NJ 08098
Phone - (856) 769-1275
Fax - (856) 769-8483


Salem City Municipal Court
129 West Broadway, Salem, NJ 08079
Phone - (856) 935-1734
Fax - (856) 935-0319

Salem County District Court Records

There are no District Courts in Salem County. However, the county has Superior Courts exercising the general jurisdiction of a District Court. The Superior Courts have general jurisdiction over any case, ensuring it hears both criminal and civil cases. The court also takes cases considered outside the jurisdiction of the Municipal Courts. Salem County Superior Courts can also take cases on board and bed divorce, legal separation, citizenship application by aliens, and declaration of intention. This court has the following divisions: Chancery Division, Law Division, Appellate Division, and Probate Division.

Salem County Criminal Records

Salem County criminal records are files, documents, and multimedia archives of an individual or group’s arrests, criminal trials, and convictions history. Criminal records are maintained by arresting bodies, courts, and correctional facilities for convicted individuals. Any court of criminal jurisdiction in Salem County can be approached to search for or request criminal records. These court records will show the group or individual’s criminal charges, the evidence admitted, and the court’s judgment.

Further information on criminal activity can be accessed through the local sheriff’s office or police station. These arresting bodies will provide records of warrants, location, time, date, and cause of arrest. The New Jersey Criminal History Records Information website allows requesters to access and request criminal records within the state and its counties. Criminal records are sensitive and are accessible and to be used with caution. Thus, requesters must prepare a valid government-issued ID upon request by the custodian and provide evidence of payment of the charged fees.

Salem County Criminal Court Case Lookup

Salem County criminal court case lookup is available at the court's physical location. Requesters can look up criminal court cases and make copies through the custodian. There are also online judiciary platforms for this purpose. Record seekers can search criminal court cases through state-owned websites like Find a Case or county-based platforms like Public Records Search.

Get Salem County Civil Court Records

Salem County civil court records refer to court archives and documents providing details on civil cases. The county's Superior Court exercises general civil and criminal jurisdiction, making it the go-to location for civil court records. The Municipal Courts also handle minor civil disputes or claims as the law prescribes. Under the New Jersey Open Public Records Act, these public records apply to all civil cases, including monetary and non-monetary claims.

Civil court jurisdiction covers cases involving family law, probate, traffic violations, tax cases, adoption, contract issues, and domestic violence. The Superior Court has five divisions that cover all civil cases. Accessing Salem County Civil Court Records can be done by going to the courthouse to look up a case or submit a records request. The request can also be mailed through the Copies of Court Records website. The Forms section of the Salem County Surrogate Court website offers various forms, including record request forms for submitting civil court records requests.

Salem County Family Court Records

Family Court records are documents and archives detailing facts and information about family law cases. These records will provide more information on cases involving paternity, child and spousal support, adoption, divorce, child custody, and property allocation. The Superior Court of New Jersey has a Family law Division, making this court the go-to for family court records.

Family court records are public records in compliance with the Open Public Records Act (OPRA), providing information that can be exempted from these records. Requesters can physically approach the Superior Court to obtain family court records or use the Copies of Court Records website, which provides court records across divisions. Both options for accessing family court records will require payment of a certain fee by the requester. Record custodians can also request a valid ID to confirm identity and qualification to access the records or to waive the fees. Family court records involving cases with minors and sensitive details will be classified or redacted from the records.

Salem Dissolution of Marriage Records

Dissolution of marriage involves the breakdown and separation of a civil union. Such records will show information like child custody, spousal and child support, property allocation, and the terms and grounds for divorce. Requesters can approach the Superior Court of New Jersey Records Center or use the Copies of Court Records website to obtain records on Salem County marriage dissolutions in the form of court proceedings, court orders, and terms agreed to. Divorce records such as divorce decrees are kept and maintained by the New Jersey Department of Health and the Office of Vital Statistics through their local vital records offices.

Salem County Marriage and Divorce Records

Marriage and divorce records are documents detailing the legal union and dissolution of legal unions. Each marriage conducted by law is registered, and a certificate is issued, which also applies to the dissolution of marriages. The Open Public Records Act (OPRA) ensures that these records are public records except information prescribed to be private, especially sensitive details about minors or parties. Marriage and divorce records can give more information like the terms and grounds for divorce, the wedding official, the couples’ and witnesses’ particulars, child custody, and child/spousal support terms. The Superior Courts have jurisdiction over family law, meaning the court holds court records for marriages and divorces in Salem County. Requesters can approach this court physically or use the Copies of Court Records to submit a request.

The Local Vital Records Office of the New Jersey Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics, also maintains an updated archive of marriage and divorce records. Requesters can obtain marriage licenses and divorce decrees through this office. Record seekers can also contact the County Registrar’s Office physically or online to get copies of civil unions, domestic partnerships, and marriages.

Salem County Birth and Death Records

Salem birth and death records include documentation on the time, location, and circumstances around new life and deaths within the county. These are generally held by hospitals and maternity homes but are compiled into a comprehensive government archive. The first and most direct source for birth and death records will be hospitals in the area of interest. The Local Vital Records Office of the New Jersey Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics maintains collective birth and death records for the state and its counties.

Requesters can physically approach the office and request information through the records custodian or by using the website to obtain a birth or death certificate. The Salem County Surrogate’s Court also offers a Death Certificates website where requesters can learn how to obtain copies of death certificates. Records seekers must prepare a valid government-issued ID and evidence of payment of fees charged to process their request.

Salem County Probate Court Records

Probate Court records refer to court documents and archives created through the probate division or for handling cases involving adoption, guardianship of a minor, and a deceased’s estate administration. Such records can be obtained through the Superior Court. This court has a Probate Division, making it the valid court to approach for Salem County probate court records. Requesters can obtain these records physically at the courthouse or using the Copies of Court Records website.

The New Jersey Department of State-Salem County website offers access to orphan court records dating back to 1785. Each request can require ID verification and payment of fees as charged by the records custodian, which is essential to obtaining these records.

Salem County Property Records

Property records are documents, files, and multimedia archives detailing real property information. These records will give details such as the property valuation, ownership, title interest, address, and taxation. Salem County property records are maintained by the Tax Department of the City of Salem. The Tax Assessor’s office can be approached during workdays and work hours to request property records on parcels of land within the county. The Tax Assessor’s office is accessible through these numbers: (856) 935-1998/(856) 935-4529 in Quinton Township or (856) 935-2024 in Salem County.

Salem County Court Records Online

Salem County court records are easily accessible through the courthouses under the New Jersey Open Public Records Act (OPRA). Record seekers can go to any courthouse to make a physical request or record search during work days and work hours. Requesters can also use third-party websites like to obtain Salem County court records online. These websites have compiled information, making them a convenient option. However, only government-backed sources should be fully trusted, and records from third-party websites might need authenticity verification using government data.

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